Tomorrow is my last full day in Vancouver. It also marks the final day of the Olympics.

Never in my life have I had an entire month go by so quickly. It certainly helps that February is the shortest month of the year.

Today was good though. Actually, today was great. I did a little shopping at USA House and The Bay, as I did the night before. After I happened to come upon a couple of Olympians. One of them was women’s moguls bronze medalist Shannon Bahrke (pictured), the other was Lindsey Vonn. Sorry guys, no pictures of Lindsey.

2010 Olympic Bronze Medalist Shannon Bahrke and I

While on my way from The Bay back to my hotel my eye caught a glimpse of pink hair. Turns out the pink hair belonged to US Olympian and 2010 bronze medalist, Shannon Bahrke. She was very gracious in posing for a picture with, my friend, Josh and I. It was very cool to get up close and personal with another athlete, especially one I have only seen on television. She had a great deal of spunk and personality, it certainly matched her hair, and sneakers.

My other “encounter”, if you will, involved Lindsey Vonn. While at the International Broadcast Center, Josh and I were informed Lindsey Vonn was coming in for an interview. While preparing to leave (and taking a picture of Steven Colbert’s moose) Lindsey strolled on by. Believe me, she is just as attractive in person. Although, she wasn’t sporting any attire from the Sport Illustrated swimsuit issue. Still, high on the scale for sure.

Not even close to Lindsey Vonn. Still, it's Steven Colbert's moose.

In addition, I got my fourth shout-out of the Olympic games, if I’m lucky I will get one last one tomorrow during the golf medal game.

I plan on posting a serious recap post tomorrow. Numerous pictures and details are promised. Right now, it is just too much to process. I have experienced so much that I need to properly reset and collect my thoughts.

In other news, Finland had an outstanding third period in becoming the first team to come back from a two-goal deficit to win in this tournament. It was great to see another medal won in person. Come tomorrow, I hope I’m singing the star spangled banner.