Never in my life has a month gone so quickly. I’m certainly disappointed to say goodbye to the Olympics and Vancouver, had the US men taken gold the goodbye would have been a little easier. Leaving on that down note makes it a little bit tougher.

But I can’t be negative, not after what I have been through these past two weeks. I easily saw the best hockey I may ever witness in person and I made a bunch of great connections. Not to mention, I was able to take in one of the greatest cities in North America. I’ll certainly be finding my way back to Vancouver in the near future.

Nothing captures the Sea to Sky motto quite like this shot.

Every time you turn around you see a screensaver, you can’t miss them. And I didn’t get a chance to experience Stanley Park or the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Missing those two is perhaps the biggest disappointment for me as I prepare to leave.

But there was nothing bad about this trip. If you ever have the chance to experience an Olympiad take it. You won’t regret it. I will say the opening and closing ceremonies are a little long and slightly over the top. But with a once in a lifetime opportunity I guess you need to be a little overblown.

Hopefully the blog gave you an idea of what was going on up here for the duration of the games. Vancouver is a truly awesome city and has a lot to offer. In fact, I didn’t even scratch the surface of exploring this awesome town.

Perhaps I will change the name of the blog an keep it rolling. However, I’m not sure what I will cover. Only time will tell. Keep your eyes peeled for “The Blog Formerly Titled Ozzylympics”.

There is more to come. I have too many thoughts that I haven’t put into words yet. I’ll keep you posted.