The USA put their collective foot on the gas pedal and didn’t let up today. Well, at least for the first period.

Mikka Kiprusoff gave Ryan Malone a gift and the avalanche of goals was on after that. Kipper pulled himself, that’s right, he pulled himself after four goals. Nik Backstrom surrendered two more before settling in. But the damage was done and the US cruised to a 6-1 victory.

I enjoyed the fact that Kiprusoff played so poorly, considering he demanded to be the starter for these games. My choice would have been Backstrom all the way, guess I was right.

The first period was probably one of my favorite collections of 20 minutes yet in Vancouver. But, the second and third periods were duds. Then Ryan Miller was taken out for a bit of rest and I lost almost all interest since the game was more than decided already.

Looking forward to Sunday I am excited yet apprehensive. I have a little bit more in a post a little lower on the page. I don’t need to repeat myself too much.