Another rainy day in Vancouver didn’t provide too many nice views of the mountains. However, there was some good hockey played today.

I failed to mention that Finland advanced to the semis after toppling the Czech Republic 2-0. Thanks to the IIHF rule of requiring players to wear their helmets, the Finns scored the winning goal on the power play. Pavel Kubina had his lid knocked off by Nik Hagman, when Kubina vacated the front of the net (in fear of putting his team two-men short) Hagman tipped home the winning goal.

The Finns face the USA on Friday and Canada plays Slovakia. It promises to be a very loud building.

I had a pretty solid hockey talk with Joe Micheletti during dinner. While the Rangers color commentator dusted me in terms of what kind of team I would build if I was running an NHL franchise, it was a really cool moment.

Later in the evening, before I worked stats for the Slovakia/Sweden game, Joe was ribbing me about my allegiance to the Sabres. I knew the ribbing was good natured so, I took the opportunity to pass him a note about Daniel Alfredsson’s gaffe in game five of the 2006 playoffs. This was shortly after he had commented on Alfredsson’s ability to man the point on the power play. After the game we had a good laugh about the note, the best line coming from Joe,

“You know Chris, there is going to come a time as you move forward in this business that you won’t be able to relate every moment in a game to something that happened to the Buffalo Sabres.”

We both had a pretty good laugh about it as we have developed a pretty cool working relationship over the past week or so since I have had the privilege of being the stats guy for most of the men’s late games that Kenny Albert and Joe have called.

It looks as if my last stats game at the 2010 games will come tomorrow during the women’s bronze game between Sweden and Finland. It certainly has been a wild ride and the weekend promises to bring even more action.