The USA ran into a hot goalie today. Shannon Szabados stole one for the Canadian women in the gold medal game. For the second time on North American soil the US took silver while Canada took gold.

Team Canada after recieving their Gold Medals

Canada took advantage of two great scoring opportunities and rode Szabados to victory. Szabados made a pair of glove saves in the first period that took sure goals off the US sticks.

Give credit to Canada for buckling down and blocking shots while limiting the US chances.

For me, I watched the medal ceremony with a very empty feeling after seeing the US come up short. Especially after a game in which they carried the play for so long.

After seeing every US women’s game since the start of the tournament, I feel like I made a journey along with this team. Of course, I couldn’t begin to fathom the emotional toll losing that game could have on the participants, or on a former teammate who had been there before.

Team USA listening to the Canadain anthem with their Silver Medals.

The silver lining (pun) in this was I witness my country win an Olympic Medal, in person. Which, in retrospect was an awesome experience.

In two days I hope to see the US men reach a similar goal.