There were almost two HUGE upsets on the second day of quarterfinal play. However, in both cases, the favorites prevailed.

Latvia took the Jagr-less Czech Republic to overtime at UBC while Norway gave Slovakia everything they had for all 60 minutes. When the dust settled the Czechs won in overtime and the Slovaks staved off the Norwegians. But, these two games go to show you that in a short tournament, every game can be a shocker.

Canada turned in the only real clunker of the afternoon as they rolled over Germany 9-2. Nothing too exciting in this one as the Germans played the hosts tough for the first 10 minutes before the Canadians took control.

The early game went to extra time, although the game itself was very boring. Belarus played a tight-checking game and the Swiss did the same. The Swiss showed they were the better team, controlling play for much of the game but rarely solving Belorussian legend, and former Flint General, Andrei Mezin. The Swiss earned the right to face the USA in the quarterfinals, in what will be the second meeting between the two teams.

The highlight of the day had to come during the Norway/Slovakia game. The Slovaks scored three goals on their first two power plays, thanks to a five-minute major, and held a comfortable 3-1 lead deep in the second. Then Tore Vikingstad (best hockey name ever) potted the second Norwegian goal. Then, with .1 seconds remaining Anders Bastiansen fired a laser top cheese on Jaroslav Halak to tie the game at three.

The tying goal came by virtue of a blown offside call, but the result of the play made for a much more entertaining game. Miro Satan gave the Slovaks the lead in the third. But, the Canadian crowd again got behind the underdogs as Norway tried to tie the game. One of the loudest cheers I have heard at any game came as Norway brought the puck up ice with under a minute to play.

It really says a lot about the quality of fans at the Games, as no team has been neglected, save for the Americans. The Norwegian men received an ovation similar to that of the Slovakian women’s team earlier in the tournament.

It was a cool moment, and a great way to end the day.

PS- For those of you watching the Norway/Slovakia game out east, I gave the note comparing Bastiansen’s last-second tying goal to that of Mark Johnson’s against the Soviets 30 years and 1 day prior.