My veiw for USA-Canada. Centre ice.

Super Sunday ended up being exactly what it was built up to be, super.

The Russians and Czechs played a spirited game to start the day. While the nightcap was dry, Henrik Lundqvist put on a decent show and has played eight periods of Olympic hockey without allowing a goal.

Of course, the best of the day’s action came between the USA and Canada. Going in I was expecting a Canadian victory, by a large margin. But, some suspect netminding from Martin Brodeur and strong defensive play gave the USA the biggest win in the men’s tournament thus far.

I almost forgot, this guy named Ryan Miller happened to be spectacular between the pipes for the USA.

My training as a journalist says that I can have no bias. Today, however, I wanted only one outcome. I managed to hold back enough when the US would score, but I’m sure the people in the suites behind me knew who I was pulling for the entire game. Luckily the suite directly behind the commentary booth was filled with US fans.

At the end of the game the only fans that could be heard were the US ones. As the raucous crowd was silenced by Miller’s play and some hustle goals from the US.

Immediately after the game I thought that this had surpassed the 2008 Winter Classic as my greatest sports experience. It may do just that, but it is hard to compare. At the Classic I was simply a fan. Today, I had a job to do. Although, I was able to pull for the US as well. The atmosphere was indescribable for the entire game, save for the last 30 seconds. I can honestly say I have never been in a louder venue before in my life, and I don’t expect it to be beat. The crowd was so loud we could not communicate over our headsets because the background noise was so great.

Brian Rafalski did enough on his own to silence Canada Hockey Place. Chris Drury, Ryan Kesler and Miller just added to it. The unsung hero has to be Ryan Callahan. He had at least six blocked shots in the final five minutes. He should just change his name to Chris Drury Jr. because that what he is. I would trade just about anyone on the Sabres roster for him-and Kesler as well.

Not enough can be said about guys who hustle each and everyday.