Highlight of the day. Maybe of the Olympics.

Our producer, Carlos, decided to give everyone a little treat now that we are only doing games at Canada Hockey Place. Today there were two street hockey nets and a bunch of sticks for the staff to play with during breaks between games.

So, the interns and I got a game going between games one and two and we were joined by a special guest for a short bit. CTV analyst and former goaltender, Darren Pang, jumped into our game and made a handful of saves, two on me, before bolting for the next game. Bear in mind, he was in a full suit while doing this.

It was pretty evident that Pang’s CTV cohort, Nick Kypreos, wanted in the game badly. Hopefully he will join us tomorrow. After all, we don’t have nay rules that forbid fighting.

My hope is Jeremy Roenick gets in on a game for a bit as well. We will see tomorrow.

There were a bunch of pictures taken both before, during and after Pang was in the game. I will make sure to get them up as soon as possible.