It  seems that each Olympics a handful of new women’s records are set. So, it wasn’t too exciting for me to see some of the new marks set on the women’s side.

However, tonight I was able to witness a truly remarkable record. With an assist tonight, Teemu Selanne became the all-time leading scorer in Olympic hockey history. I was at center ice to see the record set. Depending on the future of the games, who knows when the record will be retaken?

Other than seeing the record set, today was rather uneventful in terms of hockey. All three games were underwhelming, with only the Belarusians giving Sweden a minor scare in the middle game. The Czechs had no trouble with Latvia in the first game of the day.

Tomorrow doesn’t promise to provide much more spark. All of the doormats meet up tomorrow afternoon, with the exception being the Slovaks, but they face Latvia, which should be an easy test.

Personally, I am hoping Germany can net a goal in the late game tomorrow. So far, it has been 120 minutes without a German goal at the 2010 Games.