I must thank Kenny Albert for giving me so much air time at these Olympics. After my first shout out, during the Sweden/Slovakia women’s game, I thought I had lucked out. Turns out I was in for more. After all, the Sweden game aired at 5am EST.

Today, during the 13-1 drubbing Canada put on Sweden, Kenny gave me one more hit during the third period. At a time, no less, that people would be awake for. That’s pretty cool-I don’t mean to brag. But c’mon, my name was said, on-the-air, at the Olympics. Twice.

Aside from my air time, there were actually some great games today.

The Canadian women didn’t help the cause for parity in women’s ice hockey as they destroyed Sweden, in what was supposed to be the best game of the preliminary round. Instead the Canadians scored early and often and hung 13 on the defending silver medalists.

The US women take the ice today against Finland, the “fourth best” in Vancouver. I’m almost positive that the USA will put up a big score, as the only saving grace the Finns have is goaltender Noora Raty. But, the Chinese almost shocked the world before the Finns took a 2-1 win over the ladies from the Far East two days ago.

The Slovakian women almost capped a Cinderella story of sorts, but fell to the Swiss 5-2. In fact, the tournament rookies led 1-0 and 2-1 a different points today. The Slovaks finished with the third highest goals against in an Olympic tournament with 29.

On the men’s side, Finland cruised to a 5-1 win over Belarus while Sweden and the Czech Republic had to work harder for their wins.

Here is an SAT question for this year:

The Russians are to Flashy as the Swedes are to ________

A. Vanilla  B. Close to the vest C. Both A & B

It probably won’t appear on the real test, but I betcha it makes its way into a few study guides.

In all seriousness, the Swedes aren’t so much vanilla as they are balanced. If a few lines were tinkered with, Tre Kronor could have a scary top-six. However, this forward group is built to win games. Period.

The Swedes will be content with scoring a couple and sitting on leads as they did today in their 2-0 victory. They will hang a few on Belarus, but the grudge match against the Finns will be a tight checking affair.

The best game of the day came from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Czechs would prevail 3-1 over their rivals but, it was a punch-for-punch battle that the Slovaks lost because of bad discipline.

Both of these teams can be giant killers if they can find some secondary scoring, which the Czechs had today, and if their goalies are hot (both were awesome).

Today promises to be entertaining with the US, Canada and Russia all playing again. Kudos to the guy who set up that schedule.