After knocking out two more games, USA vs. China and Finland vs. Russia, I took the opportunity to take in another part of the Olympic experience.

After watching the US trounce China 12-1 and the Finns roll to a 5-1 decision over Russia, I took the opportunity to sample a little German culture.

The German Fan Fest, or Germany House, is only a few short blocks away from my hotel (as are many Vancouver hot spots). After waiting 15 minutes in line I broke into the inner welcoming area. This was simply a spot to buy beer or food and get money because, you still had to wait to get into the actual Fan Fest.

Now, the cover charge for this venue is $10 and beer costs $8.25. However, no bar in Vancouver is affordable – except Deighton’s Pub in Gastown ($2 beers Tuesdays and Thursdays). The bright spot of this expensive excursion is the atmosphere inside.

There wasn’t a calm person to be seen inside as the German band performed for the duration of my stay. While I didn’t know all of the songs there were a few recognizable covers, namely Yellow and Hit Me Baby One More Time. I know, Britney Spears covered by a German band. For what it’s worth the band was better than Britney.

My short stay gave me a cool look at another aspect of the Olympic Games. The individual country houses have a unique feature to bring each and every fan attending the games. While it is safe to say alcohol is the main motivator, the overall atmosphere and experience is very cool.

Tomorrow brings me (and you) Canada vs. Switzerland and Sweden vs. Slovakia. I’m not anticipating a close game in either match-up.