I was lucky enough to have today to myself after a short meeting in the morning. After participating in a talent meeting with the likes of Doc Emrick, Mike Milbury, Cammi Granato, Jeremy Roenick and many other NBC on-air stalwarts.

After, I made my way over to Granville Island. A former light industrial area that has been transformed into a shopping and dining gem. Not to mention, the pedestrian access to the entire area lends a feel of an enormous public market. A word of advice, don’t bring your vehicle to Granville Island. There were a handful of street performers, including one rather funny magician who had a couple good tricks.

A quick lap of the island takes you around many shops and the signature of Granville Island, the Granville Island Public Market. The Market could only be challenged by the market place in Philadelphia.

After Granville, I made my way back to Gastown, far and away my favorite part of the city. Gastown is what the Cobblestone District in Buffalo can become if Canalside takes off as it is expected and more development around the arena continues.

Gastown, like Granville Island and Yaletown lends itself more to foot traffic and not automobiles. There is a bar or restaurant for everybody in Gastown and there seems to be an art gallery on every block.  The shopping in Gastown is fantastic, as there are unique shops up and down every road.

A few souvenirs later I was back to my hotel preparing for the opening ceremonies.

Perhaps the best part of my travels around the city was the public transportation provides a pain-free method for getting around the Vancouver city center. In addition, you can make your way to North Vancouver by way of public transport as well.

Of course, the best part of the day came later in the evening. More on that in my next post.