With the dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony tonight, the area around BC Place was humming. It is a very cool atmosphere due to the fans, organizing staff and workers. It is very cool being inside the ropes around BC Place and Hockey Canada Place and I’m sure that it will be more hectic once the games have begun.

Any area that has anything to do with the Games is decked out in blue and green and it’s almost as if the decorations are permanent, at least some.There are some banners and covers that are clearly temporary. However, there are signs, flags and banners that could adorn the venues year-round.

The ticket and queuing area are especially cool due, in part, to the flags and other signage that has been put up. This, of course, is simply a distraction to the fact that you have to go through security shortly after arriving at that particular point.

The whole block surrounding the security check point and ticket offices have been decorated with the Vancouver 2010 flags, which have images of the different sports, or simply the blue and green color scheme.

The sign and flags that greet spectators and media as they approach BC Place

The signage and banners that greet spectators and media members as they approach BC Place.

Hockey Canada Place is equally stunning inside as you would never know that the Canucks had any sort of signage in the seating bowl or on the ice. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information on what the opening ceremonies might have in store for those attending or watching on television. However, judging by the ceremonies in Beijing, I’m sure they will be spectacular.