I couldn’t hold off any longer on posting about the Olympic goaltenders. Jonathon Quick was rocking new pads at Kings practice this week. There are no Vaughn logos on the pads or gloves because Vaughn doesn’t pay the license fee for the Games.

Note: No Vaughn logos

Note: No Vaughn logos

Quick also will be sporting a new mask in Vancouver. A pretty cool design, hopefully he will get into a game to show off his set. All around, I must say it is a nice, clean, unique set up.

Thanks to Eye Candy Air for the photo

Tim Thomas also uses Sportmask, his model is called a Mage (Mask-cage combo) and was also painted by Eye Candy Air. Not a big fan of the funky chicken eagle on the one side. But I like the blue Bruin, reminds me of Jon Casey’s old mask.

Ryan Miller isn’t immune to grabbing a new mask either. Whether he will have a new set-up is another question. Thomas was wearing a set of red white and blue Bauer One95 pads and gloves at the summer orientation camp, but I don’t know if he will wear those in Vancouver. Miller’s mask is pretty cool and has even cooler details up close. Notice the 1776 ghosted on the top of the helmet (right-click and view image for full size). The eagle tearing through the side is my favorite part of the mask.

The eagle ripping through the mask clutching the "Don't Tread on Me" banner is my favorite part of this mask.

Who knew Uncle Sam was inked up?

Evgeni Nabokov went the basic route with his mask (painted by Todd Miska) and it really paid off. His mask might be the best of the bunch this year.

Both sides of the mask are identical for Nabokov.

One last lid for this post. Thomas Vokoun has an interesting Czech mask that uses the country’s crest very well. The only problem that I have is the randomly placed “Czech” on the chin of the mask. His mask in Torino utilized the uniform wordmark for the Czech national team. Obviously the Nike Swift pattern took that out of the equation this year, making Vokoun’s wordmark awkward.

The opposite side of this mask has the colors reversed (blue on bottom) as well as the animals (eagle on bottom).