Now that I am settled I have to say Vancouver is quickly rivaling Toronto as my favorite city.

Flying out of Seattle and into Vancouver was a visual delight as my side of the plane looked out on the Pacific and the San Juan Islands. The long chain of islands is something that I have never seen before. In addition I had an incredible view of the Olympic Mountains before we got too far to view them anymore. The right side of the plane was treated to a fantastic view of the mountains that border the Greater Seattle area.

Your entry to Vancouver is equally breathtaking as the mountain range that includes Cypress Mountain, the peak that the Flying Tomato will assault next week, frames the skyline beautifully. The waterways in and around the city and Greater Vancouver are also stunning.

The Vancouver airport is perfectly equipped to handle the extra influx of athletes, staff and fans coming to the city. I had the opportunity to go through customs with the Norwegian hockey team. I was right up close to Ruben Smith (G) and Tommy Jakobsen (D). To see a number of athletes that early was a cool treat that really showed me what to expect for these three weeks.

What followed after customs would not even be properly described by the term ‘organized chaos’. The organizing committee has an abundance of volunteers and staff to direct anyone involved in the games to the exact spot they need to be. I was out of the terminal and on a bus into the city in no time.

The drive downtown gives an even better perspective of the mountains just beyond the city limits. Once I find a proper vantage point I will post pictures of this incredible view.

Another cool thing I saw as I drove down the Cambie St. bridge was a hotel draped in Swiss, Finnish and French flags. The nationalism here is unreal, it was a really cool sight.

Pictures to come tomorrow, thanks for reading.