As I look forward to the Olympic hockey tournament I find myself on the fence in terms of this years uniforms. I feel rather in different about most of the uniforms, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Finland to be exact. But, the remainder of the uniforms are on the extreme ends of the spectrum in terms of good or bad.

The Good

Team Sweden: No matter what international event the country is playing in, Sweden always manages to have a clean set up. 2010 is no exception as Sweden has perhaps the best set up of any team. The blue set will surely be a simple inverse of the gold jersey below, another home run for the defending gold medalists.

Team USA blue and alternate jerseys: These both are simple and very visually pleasing. It looks as if the US are looking to channel their heroics in from past Olympics with a very similar look to the 1980 sweaters with the blue uniforms and the obvious throwback to 1960 look with the alternate.

Team Germany black jersey: Germany has perhaps the best executed uniform of the new Nike Swift pattern. At least with their black uniform, more on the white version later. The black uniform is modern, yet classic and the eagles on the arms are a very cool addition.

The Bad

Team Russia red jersey: I don’t hate this jersey, but I don’t like it either. Too many vertical stripes as well as a very busy underlay patter on the sleeves. Where Nike got the underlay right with the USA and German dark uniforms, they went wrong with Russia’s.

Team Canada white jersey: It seems that the Nike Swift uniform pattern lends itself well to dark uniforms but not to light ones. Team Canada’s red uniform is among my favorites for these Winter Games. However, the white jersey lacks something in my opinion. I also feel the same about the white jersey for Team USA. The lack of trim on the shoulders is perhaps what bothers me about these uniforms.

The Ugly

Team Russia white jersey: The bad underlay on the red version of these comes out even more on the white sweater. In addition, the stripe pattern is accentuated even more to really overwhelm you when you look at the jersey. This effect is similar on the Slovakian white uniforms as well.

Team Germany white jersey: As awesome as the black uniform is for the Germans, that is how bad the white jersey is. Again, the Nike Swift pattern is a little too busy on the white uniform, while the dark jersey looks great (see Canada, USA, Czech Republic). Like the Russians, the German sleeve underlay is too dark and dominates the look of the sweater. Not to mention the random vertical stripes.

Tomorrow I will be in Vancouver, see you then.