Never in my life has a month gone so quickly. I’m certainly disappointed to say goodbye to the Olympics and Vancouver, had the US men taken gold the goodbye would have been a little easier. Leaving on that down note makes it a little bit tougher.

But I can’t be negative, not after what I have been through these past two weeks. I easily saw the best hockey I may ever witness in person and I made a bunch of great connections. Not to mention, I was able to take in one of the greatest cities in North America. I’ll certainly be finding my way back to Vancouver in the near future.

Nothing captures the Sea to Sky motto quite like this shot.

Every time you turn around you see a screensaver, you can’t miss them. And I didn’t get a chance to experience Stanley Park or the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Missing those two is perhaps the biggest disappointment for me as I prepare to leave.

But there was nothing bad about this trip. If you ever have the chance to experience an Olympiad take it. You won’t regret it. I will say the opening and closing ceremonies are a little long and slightly over the top. But with a once in a lifetime opportunity I guess you need to be a little overblown.

Hopefully the blog gave you an idea of what was going on up here for the duration of the games. Vancouver is a truly awesome city and has a lot to offer. In fact, I didn’t even scratch the surface of exploring this awesome town.

Perhaps I will change the name of the blog an keep it rolling. However, I’m not sure what I will cover. Only time will tell. Keep your eyes peeled for “The Blog Formerly Titled Ozzylympics”.

There is more to come. I have too many thoughts that I haven’t put into words yet. I’ll keep you posted.


I don’t think anyone could have scripted that much better. Unless the game ended in a shootout.

Sid the Kid stuck a dagger in the collective hearts of American hockey fans and lifted the entire Canadian nation on his shoulders. The silver lining of this loss is the fact that a good chunk of the USA just became fans of hockey. Because that was, without doubt, the greatest hockey game I have ever seen. Off the top of my head I can’t think of many that could top it.

Hats off the US though. No one picked them to medal and they defied everyone and just about stole another one from Canada. Ryan Miller, remained excellent all day, although I’m sure he wants that last one back.

I’ll have a couple more posts up and that will be it from Vancouver. I have about and hour of daylight left.

Let’s go USA

Tomorrow is my last full day in Vancouver. It also marks the final day of the Olympics.

Never in my life have I had an entire month go by so quickly. It certainly helps that February is the shortest month of the year.

Today was good though. Actually, today was great. I did a little shopping at USA House and The Bay, as I did the night before. After I happened to come upon a couple of Olympians. One of them was women’s moguls bronze medalist Shannon Bahrke (pictured), the other was Lindsey Vonn. Sorry guys, no pictures of Lindsey.

2010 Olympic Bronze Medalist Shannon Bahrke and I

While on my way from The Bay back to my hotel my eye caught a glimpse of pink hair. Turns out the pink hair belonged to US Olympian and 2010 bronze medalist, Shannon Bahrke. She was very gracious in posing for a picture with, my friend, Josh and I. It was very cool to get up close and personal with another athlete, especially one I have only seen on television. She had a great deal of spunk and personality, it certainly matched her hair, and sneakers.

My other “encounter”, if you will, involved Lindsey Vonn. While at the International Broadcast Center, Josh and I were informed Lindsey Vonn was coming in for an interview. While preparing to leave (and taking a picture of Steven Colbert’s moose) Lindsey strolled on by. Believe me, she is just as attractive in person. Although, she wasn’t sporting any attire from the Sport Illustrated swimsuit issue. Still, high on the scale for sure.

Not even close to Lindsey Vonn. Still, it's Steven Colbert's moose.

In addition, I got my fourth shout-out of the Olympic games, if I’m lucky I will get one last one tomorrow during the golf medal game.

I plan on posting a serious recap post tomorrow. Numerous pictures and details are promised. Right now, it is just too much to process. I have experienced so much that I need to properly reset and collect my thoughts.

In other news, Finland had an outstanding third period in becoming the first team to come back from a two-goal deficit to win in this tournament. It was great to see another medal won in person. Come tomorrow, I hope I’m singing the star spangled banner.

The USA put their collective foot on the gas pedal and didn’t let up today. Well, at least for the first period.

Mikka Kiprusoff gave Ryan Malone a gift and the avalanche of goals was on after that. Kipper pulled himself, that’s right, he pulled himself after four goals. Nik Backstrom surrendered two more before settling in. But the damage was done and the US cruised to a 6-1 victory.

I enjoyed the fact that Kiprusoff played so poorly, considering he demanded to be the starter for these games. My choice would have been Backstrom all the way, guess I was right.

The first period was probably one of my favorite collections of 20 minutes yet in Vancouver. But, the second and third periods were duds. Then Ryan Miller was taken out for a bit of rest and I lost almost all interest since the game was more than decided already.

Looking forward to Sunday I am excited yet apprehensive. I have a little bit more in a post a little lower on the page. I don’t need to repeat myself too much.

Pavol Demitra could have fired the shot heard round the hockey world tonight. But his attempt to tie the game sailed over the crossbar.

A raucous Canada Hockey Place got real quiet, real quick after the Slovaks scored a quick pair in the third period. However, Demitra missed two golden opportunities to tie in the closing moments.

I’m sure Canada would have prevailed in OT or a shootout, but for them to have that game extended is one more step they would have had to make going into Sunday.

Now the stage is set for an awesome rematch of one of the tournament’s best games.

As a fan of the US, this is the one team I didn’t want to see Canada again. And, my inner Buffalo sportsfan tells me my team isn’t going to prevail come Sunday. Either way I will be pulling hard for the US, just as I did today.

Poked my head in The Bay to see if there was anything worth buying. There was, but I don’t have a CEO’s salary.

For some reason, Ralph Lauren decided to price their USA Olympic apparel out of the price range of sane individuals. $85 for a winter hat. Seriously?

I haven’t looked closely at the Canada apparel offered by The Bay, of the stuff I have seen, it isn’t as overpriced as Polo, but it is still pricey. However, you need to expect some increases with an event such as this.

However, I don’t plan on purchasing any of the USA apparel, it doesn’t make any sense. Even though the $300 down vests are really cool.

We had an early evening today and chose to take in some nightlife around Vancouver. While at the nightclub Roxy we ran into a few Olympic medalists.

In fact, they were hockey medalists. Kelli Stack and Erika Lawler from Team USA were sporting their silver medals, I had short audience with them before they moved on. For some reason they wore their medals out and were hounded by every person in the bar.

We also ran into a bunch of Finnish hockey players. While talking with them I was able to handle one of the bronze medals. The weight of the medal is unbelievable. Just the look of the medal is unreal in person, being able to hold the actual prize was a once in a lifetime experience. I can say, with confidence, that I will never hold an Olympic medal ever again.

The USA ran into a hot goalie today. Shannon Szabados stole one for the Canadian women in the gold medal game. For the second time on North American soil the US took silver while Canada took gold.

Team Canada after recieving their Gold Medals

Canada took advantage of two great scoring opportunities and rode Szabados to victory. Szabados made a pair of glove saves in the first period that took sure goals off the US sticks.

Give credit to Canada for buckling down and blocking shots while limiting the US chances.

For me, I watched the medal ceremony with a very empty feeling after seeing the US come up short. Especially after a game in which they carried the play for so long.

After seeing every US women’s game since the start of the tournament, I feel like I made a journey along with this team. Of course, I couldn’t begin to fathom the emotional toll losing that game could have on the participants, or on a former teammate who had been there before.

Team USA listening to the Canadain anthem with their Silver Medals.

The silver lining (pun) in this was I witness my country win an Olympic Medal, in person. Which, in retrospect was an awesome experience.

In two days I hope to see the US men reach a similar goal.

I couldn’t find video of 1998. But the US women and Canadian women will face off tonight for Olympic Gold.

In honor of the 1998 USA women’s gold here is a photo (just pretend it moves like a video).


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